2012 Great Suwannee River Cleanup

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On Saturday, December 1st, 6 Explorers set out to cleanup a section of the Suwannee River.  We spent 6 1/2 hours on the river and collected 215 pounds of unsightly trash and one tire.

Mason climbed out on the riverbank to collect trash.
Dakota heads for the shore after spotting more trash.
Sus reaches with a grabber.
Carrina goes ashore and extracts trash from a brush snarl.
Sandy cleans up an old campsite as Sus paddles by.
Dakota bags trash along the shoreline.
This dock must have washed away in the flooding.  It is much to large for us to remove.  It is located in the middle of the river at:  N 30.41831 x W 082.97227.
Carrina extracts an old tent that is tangled in a tree.
We also left behind this deer carcass.  We will let nature take care of it.
This banded water snake ignored our intrusion into it's habitat.
Sandy gropes for the plastic bag shards left in the trees after the flooding.  Most turned out to be out of reach.
Our "trash barge" filled up to the brim.
Dakota weighs the trash while Carrina records the tally.  We collected a total of 215 pounds of trash and one tire.
We thank the Explorers for their committment and efforts, and the Sheriffs Boys Ranch for letting us use their facilities.