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The Great Suwannee River Cleanup

On Saturday, October 16, fifteen Explorers participated in our portion of the Great Suwannee River Cleanup.  We paddled a 4 1/2 mile section of the river and collected all the trash we could find.
Cleaning the sand dunes
Cleaning the sand dunes

Cleaning a strainer
Cleaning a strainer (brush tangle that catches floating debris).

Climbing the Shore
Climbing the shore for that hard to reach trash.

Reaching from the boat
Reaching from the boat.

Cable Spool
This cable spool is too heavy for us to retreive.  
It is at N 30.41928 x W 82.97905
Hopefully SRWMD might be able to get it.

Another Strainer
Another strainer requiring poling and reaching.

Weighing in
Weighing in, we collected a total of 161 pounds in our 4 1/2 miles.

The Group
Our river cleanup crew.

Our sincere appreciation to all our volunteers and to the Sheriff's Boy's Ranch for providing facilities and canoes for the project.

(Album of all photos)