2011 Great Suwannee River Cleanup

Six Explorers completed our section of this year's river cleanup on Saturday, December 3rd. 
We spent 3 1/2 hours on the water cleaning the 4 1/2 mile section.  It started out cold but we were soon down to shirtsleeves.  The water was low, exposing more of the banks, which made it easier to spot the trash.  It did mean that we ran aground a lot.

                 Dakota and Paul collect trash
                 along the river bank. 
  Mason and Carrina clean up
 the exposed sand bank
Mason and Carrina on sand bank
Mason paddles down the river.Mason continues down the river.
Carrina scoops up a piece of tire.Carrina scoops up a piece of tire.
Sandy climbs out.Sandy climbs out to reach
 trash on the shore.
Mason fills his bag on a sand bank.Mason fills his bag
Cable Reel
The old cable reel has deteriorated
since last year, but is still too much
for us to handle.  We may try going
back with axes next.
Dakota cools off in the icy water while
Sandy works on the sand bank.
Dakota cools off
Plastic sheetingPlastic sheeting is collected from
 the sand bank.
Our "Trash Barge" began to reach capacity.Trash Barge
Low WaterHeavy load and low water
make going rough.
We collected a total of 165 pounds
of unsightly litter from the river.
This was slightly more than last
year's haul.

Everyone had a good time and we can feel good about helping to keep our beautiful river clean.
Again we thank the Sheriffs Boys Ranch for providing the facilities for the project.