The Adventures of Flat Stanley


Hi, my name is Stanley Lambchop.  Ever since I was crushed by a bulletin board, I've just been called Flat Stanley.  Author Jeff Brown wrote a book about me.

One of the advantages of being flat is that I can fold up inside an envelope and travel by mail.  My friend, Sarah, is in Miss Batko's third grade class at Shawnee Elementary School in Macomb, Michigan.  She sent me out as part of a project to help her learn more about the world.

Here are some of the things I have done:

Canoeing "Way Down Upon The Swanee River" in Florida

Visiting the RiverQuarium in Albany, GA

Cannons, Cornbread, and Candlelight

Here are some other results from the project:

Venice, California

The White House

Virtual Trip to the Moon