Bob & Carolyn's 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
We wish to thank all those who attended the celebration.  Everyone had a good time and Mom and Dad were thrilled to have so many family members together at one time.  We are sorry that some were unable to make it, but of course we all have busy lives.

The celebration started with a brunch at Delmar Gardens.  The chef and kitchen staff created a delicious variety of foods and we got a chance to meet some of the other residents of Delmar Gardens.

Brunch buffet line                  Bobbie with her children and grandchildren

Afterwards we all moved to Bob and Carolyn's apartment.  Although it was cozy, we sometimes overflowed onto the balcony or into the hall.  It was a good time for us to catch up with relatives we hadn't seen in a long time, and to get some pictures.

Carolyn, Bob, and their children

After some shuffling to motels and a quick change of clothes, we met again at the Windy Hill Hilton Hotel.

Hilton Sign

We had a private dining room, with drinks and a piano player.  The piano player was a personal friend of Dad's, and he played just the right songs at the right volume to make for a pleasing atmosphere.  We found ourselves singing along with him (quietly, of course).  Some even took the opportunity to dance.

Bob and Carolyn dance                                   Sandy, Morgan, and Rainy dance to the piano music.
Then dinner was served.  We had a hard time selecting where to sit, since we wanted to be able to be with everyone at once.

Dinner table

Dinner was followed by desert, Carolyn had specifically requested "Moose Tracks" ice cream, and the servings were generous.  It was delicious.

We then gathered for some group photographs.  This is always fun, as everyone is concerned about keeping their eyes open and smiling.  It takes several shots to get a good one.  It also means that the photographer needs to trip the timer and then rush back into the group without tripping over anyone.

Group Picture - Click to enlarge

It was a great time, and we need to plan to do it again for their 70th!!

Some miscellaneous pictures

Karen and serval        Carolyn & Robin       Junior and Senior

Tracy, Kenny, and Lynette            Nick, Lynette, Genny, Emerson



March 15, 2001