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The Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, FL
created a show entitled

"Scoots, Commutes, and Hogs"

Running from March through the end of May, 2001, the show features a variety of modern and antique motorcycles, paraphernalia, and other items of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.

View of the display floor.

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The collection included bikes ranging chronologically from this 1910 Pope, 1910 Pope
to a 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12 R, 2000 Kawasaki Ninja
 and a 2000 TriumphThunderbird 885/3, 2000 Triumph Thunderbird
50 cc ItalJet
The smallest bike was this 50cc ItalJet Velicefero from 1997.  It would do 38 mph and get 80 mpg.
While the largest was this 1995 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra-Glide with a sidecar. 1995 Harley Davidson
1952 Ariel
The brands ranged from this 1952 British Ariel, 1000 cc Square Four (did Arnold ever ride one?)
to this 1979 Triumph Bonneville 750 (sorry, no Zundap) 1979 Triumph Bonneville
Of special interest to me was the the collection of small motor scooters.  These were very popular when I was a teen and the state passed an "under 5 hp" law. Motor scooter collection
My most favorite, however, was this 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub.  With a restrictor in the carbuerator, it was sold as under 5 hp.  It was the first motorcycle I ever rode and I dreamed of one for years.  (I eventually bought a very similar Honda) 1959 Triumph Tiger CubThis single cylinder, 199 cc 4-stroke engine developed 10 hp at 6,000 rpm.
One of its interesting features was this gear indicator on the headlight/instrument nacelle. 1959 Tiger Cub instrument nacelle
Probably the most unusual bike shown was this 1978 David Dzina Steam Cycle 1978 Steam cycle
Motorcycle video game
For the kids, there was a motorcycle video game.  Unfortunately, it was very unrealistic, equipped with guns, and it didn't accept countersteering.

In addition to some movie posters, there was a list of motorcycle themed movies.  Since I collect such movies, I was surprised to find some tltles even I was not aware of.  Of course I added them to my list.

The exhibit was a community effort, with assistance provided by:

Florida Custom Cycle of Jacksonville

Honda of Jacksonville

Regency Kawasaki

Speed Specialities

Klassiz Auto Attraction of Daytona Beach

200cc, Inc.

Potters Wax Museum of St. Augustine

Open Road Leathers

Motorhead Custom Cycles

Brumos Motor Cars

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